Muskegon County

About the Coalition

OverviewThe Muskegon County Oral Health Coalition is a community led coalition with parents in public and private sectors. The Coalition’s mission is to improve oral health in Muskegon County by promoting prevention, access to care, “patient centered” medical-dental home, and education on oral health and overall health links in all stages of life. The Coalition is passionate about connecting all Muskegon County residents with a dental home. This work is accomplished by providing oral health education throughout the year at outreach events and disturbing dental resource guides for children, adults, and pregnant women. Each year the coalition focuses on increasing dental education and access information for a targeted population, providing resources to organizations and healthcare teams that work directly with population (e.g. pregnant women, children). Goal #1

Increased Education

Goal #2

Promote access to care options

Goal #3

Ensure all residents have a dental home

Goal #4

increase access to oral health resources for health care provides and agencies, especially for pregnant women

Contact Jessica Lambert, DDS.