Federal Issues

New Bill Would Improve Access to Dental Care for Seniors, People with Disabilities, and Low-Income Populations
Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) and the Senate Special Committee on Aging introduced the Medicare and Medicaid Dental, Vision, and Hearing Benefit Act of 2019, S.1423. This represents another milestone in recent efforts to underscore the need for improved coverage of oral health benefits in public health care programs. S.1423 would add a dental benefit to Part B of the Medicare program, ensuring seniors and people with disabilities have access to the dental services they need to manage chronic conditions and support their oral and overall health.
MOHC is excited to see S.1423, which enhances the public perception of oral health as integral for overall health, integrates dental benefits with other health coverage, and opens the door for millions of Americans to access the care they need. This bill adds more energy to the on-going conversation about the importance of adult and older adult oral health.

State Issues

The MOHC Policy Committee meets monthly to work on oral health issues effecting our state. You are invited to join in the effort! Please see the Call to Action Documents that have been created.Call to Action 2019 Dedicated Funding for State Oral Health Program 2019 Medicaid Adult Dental Reform 2019 Medicare Dental Benefit 2019 Stories from the Community 2019

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